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As you form your life, career, and family, the stress of overseeing your finances can make you anxious and deviate you away from your focus.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With a unit of competent, qualified financial advisors, we can assist you leverage and control your finances effectively so you can focus on doing the things you love saving your time.

And keep in mind that your wealth can do a lot more than purely pay for your everyday expenses, holidays, and vacations.

Who we support

We have a people-focused approach to personal wealth and business growth. So regardless if you're an individual or a corporation, we’re ready to serve.


We support you to accelerate, protect, and protect your wealth with comprehensive, customized wealth management services. Your prosperity is our priority, and we aim to support you in prioritizing all phases of financial success and abundance.

Business Owners

We support your business efforts to stay locked in on your organization's mission, calculated goals, and employees. While you remain centered on the organization's crucial priorities, the institutional investment crew and in-house portfolio management specialists at The Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Consultant of Atlanta produce cohesively to design a blueprint wealth to retain your investment funds in sync with these objectives.

What's Our Process?

Book an appointment

Begin your financial journey by connecting with an advisor at The Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Consultant of Atlanta. We can schedule an appointment on a call or in person. It’s free of charge.

Breakthrough session

We’ll ask you some questions to discover your state, needs, and dreams. Next, we’ll share how we can help you overcome your challenges. You can ask us anything as well.

Financial planning

We show you a customized blueprint to act on and quote our services. This blueprint is designed specially for you, and it can be transformed according to your feedback.

Launch the plan

We initiate working on your financial challenges within the timeframe we agree on. We also offer continuing everlasting services depending on your situation.

"With the tailored advice from the team at The Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Consultant, we have the confidence and know-how to blueprint well informed financial decisions to pursue and accomplish our goals."

—Brandon Sams